5 steps make you bad boy from good boy

5 steps make you bad boy from good boy which girls want.

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Guys, we are gonna discuss about 5 steps make you bad boy from good boy.

Because good boys like an opportunity for the peoples to dumped them so here are the 5 steps make you bad boys from good boy which girls wants.

1. Start taking own disicions.

Start taking own disicions.
Start taking own disicions.

First thing first and one of the first step becoming bad boy from the good boy is Start taking own decisions.

See, talking your own decision is one of the right of yours and Liberty of yours nobody can scrap it and nobody going to take take it from you.

So, the concert is that becoming bad boy is way more Prominent.

Because good boy is like in opportunity for the people to dump him and treat him like a pastime.

That’s why it is really necessary to become a bad boy and bad boy doesn’t mean to have drugs.

Or to become more moonstruck or to have smoking bad boy just means it tough guy.

And a confident guy and don’t listen the other peoples who are out there who give freaking opinions and bad boy also do not put hope on hopeless people who are an aware about them self.

As well as not capable to fulfill their own needs.

Whenever the concept comes about start taking own decisions it means becoming self ralient, becoming independent on your own feets.

Because life doesn’t give demo to every time to everyone it is like a jurk which come instantly and he whole bon voyag you have to spend with yourself with your own skills and abilities.

Therefore don’t depend upon anyone and start taking your own decisions if yes.

Then for the first time you will be wrong, second time you will be wrong and troubled but

Third time you will feel proud and you’ll be giving one point to yourself for the very right thing.

Start taking decisions on your on and keep your words ,take charges and all the things get done.

2. Be a real leader.

Be a real leader
Start taking own disicions.

Secondly, Be a real leader. Who lead the people. Nothing commence suddenly but don’t forget coins also bought evolution in India.

Become a guy who don’t need help of anyone but provide the auxiliary to the other needy people.

They go wherever they want to go, they do whatever they want to do, but they don’t Rock on the board.

Bad boys ain’t insane to say that bad boys or bad and how to become the leader.

It is all about certain skills, activities, aptitude but not attitude.

Leadership quality nothing needs just confidence, follow your words, don’t break the promise, stay on your words, be happy and let the other person to feel also happy.

Again and again I’m using bad boy isn’t a bad character boy but they would represents the tough character.

Bad Boys of the leaders because they are quite distinct for the other people out there.

And they have their own settings, directions on which they follow the avenue and chase the fancies.

3. Have their own life.

Have their own life.
Have their own life.

Thirdly, one of the primal step to be followed and know overwhelming people but never being followed by anyone. I:e Have their own life.

Bad boys have their own life, have their own friend zones, own habits all all those good activities.

Which mean to be pleased bad boys and they got those things going on deliberately as well as automatically going on.

Those Boys don’t give it damn to anyone because they don’t like to interfere in the personal matters of the people.

And don’t let the other people to interfere in their own personal matters and this sign is one of the consequences and Primal step not to justify but to have a verdict on the status of the the boys.

Because if you throw one stone in the society it will fall one of the guy who have this freaking fucking habit to interfere the others personal matter.

So, always remember that if you do want to become point of Attraction, if you want to represent yourself at a very good and apex image or position.

Then and it’s my urge to you cease this interfering in the other person matters because nobody like to do that though.

This sign is the sign for those people who are uncivilized and unaware about the society.

This makes the person more interesting and you aren’t available for everyone on their own time.

Of course why do you you available for everyone like a servant or bondage so grap the habit of saying no.

4. Strong physically and emotionally.

Strong physically and emotionally.
Strong physically and emotionally.

Fourthly, one of the consequences step for every mighty activity for boys to become bad boys.

This step is all about Strong physically and emotionally.

Well my friends if you are look like a bad boys this is one of the prominent and the next level step for bad boys.

Strong emotionally and physically is a super cool in itself.

Strong physically and emotionally because who dont want to be ina a Ginatic muscles.

Bad Boys don’t cry so do you. Of course not.

These are good boys who like to wear loose and funky shirts this is not wrong with that but they have the prob with those guys who are good but mentally immature.

So, bad boys is a guy who always think about his benefit first and then do good for the other people.

There is not at all bad in that but your interest must be first from those people who aren’t capable to have an confertable aure .

Having a strong body will help you and provide you auxiliary for self ralient and to protect yourself.

From every bullies out their and emotionally it will help you do to become mentally strong and hard to believe on those guys how don’t keep their words.

5. Never compare yourself to others.

Never compare yourself to others.
Never compare yourself to others.

Fifth last but not the least my friend that’s all about Never ever compare yourself to others. In this 5 steps make you bad boy from good boy.

Guys attend to what I have written.

Never never ever ever compare yourself with others they are not like you as well as you are not like them.

So, why you need to compare yourself with others. Bad Boys they are one of a kind and they are unique they can do whatever they want to do.

You can do whatever you really want to do. Dont put them with you in the battles of distinct things.

Instead of that Bad boys they are confident they don’t damm care about their adversary.

But they are given you must have a control on their life they piss off the others bullies.

Here is thean Instresting tale.

If you haven’t read yet the tale about swimming competition in which the loser look towards our winner.

This is the very influencing story ever so here is a link CLICK HERE.

Then you will come to know what is the meaning of having an orient status life never tells you about comparing with other guys.

All the finger of the hands are not equal so don’t compare yourself with others.

But do bring reforms in yourself that other person will see towards you as a a motivator and influential.

And you will be a giver who go to give you don’t go to take like a bagger but you go to give.

But how you will become a giver. When you will become a high value man.

And a confident guy that’s how the person become the leader and leader never compare himself with the other guys.

Because he has its own unique status, he has its own unique personality, he is unique in himself.

If you will commence comparing yourself with other guys then what would be no the difference between them.

And you so must stop Immitating, stop comparing, stop doing this bullies things and be an Alpha dog.

Be unique Do unique.

So, that was the 5 steps make you bad boy from good boy.

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