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Top 7 things that a real confident Men never do ever.

By on 17-july-2019 10:00 pm

Intro :- All right. Today’s topic is about 7 things that a real confident men never do. And you must be aware about it.

Basically, I often get from most of the guys what are the sign and symptoms that a real confident men never do ever.

So, here are the Top 7 things that a real confident Men never do ever.

Let’s jump into it.

1. Never let your foe pass.

Never let your foe pass
Never let your foe pass.

First thing first. And first rule of success and one of the thing that a real confident Men never do.

Which is Never let your foe pass.

That’s right I already know that a lot of boys already know who study in college or in school .

Vary well aware about this point Never Let Your Foe pass. Its as important it as the know and never care about it.

So, you must have a anger that you don’t want your foe pass but angle must be in a positive way rather than a negative way.

And take oath from yourself that don’t let your adversary pass at any cost. Adversary or foe like a restrictions and walls which emerge on the way of Yours.

They don’t let you to achieve your destiny so you have to deal with all the situations and move forward without taking care of anything.

No it’s not talking about attitude but it’s all about aptitude.

And that aptitude you must have in your mind as well as your body that you should keep all this peoples away.

You banish all those bullies aside and create a way like a eagle.

2. Never compare yourself.

Never compare yourself.
Never compare yourself.

Secondly, It’s way more important Never compare yourself with anyone.

It is often seen the another guy look towards the first guy with the help of help and at last got disappointed.

So, it is better not to compare yourself with anyone else. God created every single person distinct from anyone else on this planet.

Every person is crazy and skilled in himself. Just cease yourself competing with anyone else basically comparing yourself create suspicion and psychological tension and depressions.

Here is the interesting story.

I still remember I was using Instagram and suddenly my eyes got stuck on the particular picture.

It’s was normal and it couldn’t carry any kind of words. But then i came to know about every single thing about that image.

Basically in that picture two swimmer were doing swimming in the pool. Once swimmer was focusing towards his goal which was the end and the another one was focusing towards the first swimmer.

So, I got the lesson from that picture that the losses is who focus onto the winner. And the winner is who really Focus towards his achievement and goals.

Stop focusing on the other people. Just focus on your self and you will find at the apex as compare to him.

It’s just a matter of focusing on yourself that’s it.

3. Never expect anyone to solve your problems.

Never expect anyone to solve your problems.
Never expect anyone to solve your problems.

Thirsty, this is one of the consequence point in this article. Never expect anyone to solve your problems.

Of course, guys in this Modern Era nobody have this much of time to solve the problem of others instead of solving his own problems.

So, don’t look to other anomalous people with a beam of hope that they will give you hand it is better to solve your own problems.

If somebody tells you that he is going to make money for you and that’s absolutely wrong then you are gonna wait for super aoen time.

That miracle would never be betided it is you who are responsible for your own consequences.

It is your responsibility as well as duty to solve your own problems with own efforts.

self ralient is the best way to solve your own problems there is no love or luck type thing in this world, luck has nothing to do with it.

Confidence means knowing yourself 100% yes you have the ability and capacity to solve the problems with yourself, only you knows yourself, nobody believe in you more than you.

Your are independent until or unless you take tough decision by your own.

And don’t let the other person to Interfere your personal matters and you don’t interfere the other person’s personal matters.

4. Don’t let others to conquest you.

Don't let others to conquest you.
Don’t let others to conquest you.

Fourthly, this is one of the thing and step which helps you to stay high and tough.

So, it’s about Don’t let the other person to conquest you.

To be honest you guys you will interact lot of people in the society in the colleges and in Universities that are ready to conquest you.

So, don’t let them to conquest you. why you let them to Conquest they ain’t owner of your life. You are the owner of your life. You have the right on your own life.

There are lot of bullies in this world who feels pleasure to Conquest the other peoples the confident guy is one who don’t let the other person to Conquest him at any freaking cost.

Confident gay is not one who is good in an Orient activity but the confident guy is the one who is good in overall activities.

I am using this sentence again and again because this is a thing where lot of peoples gets dumped by the other seniors or by the other peoples.

You must have a happy to say no. Because How to say know is an Art.

It is one of the arduous thing to do and to deal with it. That’s how it show you are responsible for treating other peoples.

You must have the potential to take hard decisions by your own. I just said in the previous paragraph as well.

Of course It creates nervousness for the first time to reject someone. Second time, it emerged little bit problems. Third time it would create a little bit believe in you.

Fourth time you would give one point to yourself for your decision and for your positivity.

No need to apologize from yourself and from anyone else.Just stands up and give yourself one point for every single good thing and see the difference.

And believe me you wouldn’t see as damm as confident like you.

5. Not to make fun of other people.

Not to make fun of other people.
Not to make fun of other people.

Fifth point out of 7 things that a real confident men never do.

To be honest with yourself guys did you ever made fun of anyone.

Of course, that’s the aptitude of the human behavior and human being.

Real and confident guy is who one who don’t give opportunity to the other people to make fun of him and of others.

And to be honest with you guys if you do make fun of someone cease doing this thing wether in front of someone or at the back.

In this digital and high tech world we often do when you get disappointed Or however we get wrong.

But it’s really a structures to do so it’s a severe thing.

Even in the Guru Granth Sahib it is written that the person “Who does backbiting, carries the load of sins”.

So, don’t fear from anyone, but believe in God and follow the positive and the right way not for anyone else, just for yourself.

And the confident guy is one who don’t it make the fun of other peoples because he has a Unique Identity.

6. Fixing the ensure.

Fixing the ensure.
Fixing the ensure.

Fifth is all about Fixing the ensures.

In very simple words we can say fixing the ensure means fixing the troubles.

We can also say like this insured means fixing the problems this is one of the vital thing to be remembered.

As well as sign and signals off the confident guy who is capable to fix the problems if you have any problem fix it and get rid of it, if there is a problem with the height fix it.

Yeah, I know it’s a natural thing. You can also fix the problems with the hideousness. Fix it commenced smiling with yourself and with all the peoples to whom you make internet.

So,it’s all about changing the mind.

Once Upon A Time given Nikola Tesla also said that reality get change with the change your mind. So, why don’t you change your mind.

Fixing the troubles and problems of day to day life, is one of the virtual playing role in this 7 things that a real confident men never do.

Fixing problems is being solved. Let’s move next one.

7. Don’t be too serious.

Don't be too serious.
Don’t be too serious.

Seventh last but not the least. Let’s a look on this prominent point that a real confident men never ever do.

You are gonna read about Don’t be too serious. Which is quite essential and one of the importance point of all 7 things that a real confident men never do.

Seriousness is necessary, but seriousness is necessary in the serious situations not in every freaking situation.

Have you ever noticed that the serious guys is a way more superstitious as compare to another guy .

Because he make a concept in his freaky mind that each and every single thing isn’t important for him. And let himself banish from everyone.

Those guys who are too serious is not capable to adjust in the society. The person must be dynamic person like water because as we see that water absorbs every shape.

If it is utensils it observe the shape of it. So the person must be like water that will observe the shapes of every situation and must carry this much of potential to solve the problems.

So,dont be in sternly.

Be happy don’t be around those people who take every single thing and everything seriously because life is so ravishing just changed the vision of your mind.

Serious guyes just shows negitivity and carry negative thoughts and nothing else.

They often get stuck in most of the situation.

Gets also get disappoint from very minor and micro things after very small small result and they get worried before facing the problems.

The don’t laugh and don’t let the other person to laugh and never let other guard down.

Serious guys doesn’t have this major potential to solve the problem as compared to the confident guy.

Who accept negative results and from the negative result check the positive results.

The famous quote is that “Don’t throw stones back to the people, collect the stones and built an Empire”.

So,these are the 7 things that a real confident men never do. Guys let me know in the comments section what do you think about it and how it affects your ideology.

Thanks for staying.

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